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Full feed combine harvester (longitudinal axial flow) 4LZ-6.5B1


Key words: Agricultural machinery



Full feed combine harvester (longitudinal axial flow) 4LZ-6.5B1

Graphic Details

Product Specifications:

Model 4LZ-6.5B1(X6PIUS)
Designated power 89kW
Overall dimensions in working condition (length × wide × High) 5880×2500×2950mm
Overall service quality 3650Kg
Header width 2250mm
Track specifications 90×joint×500/550
Track gauge 1250mm
Hourly productivity of work 0.3~0.5hm²/h
Fuel consumption per unit area 21~27Kg/hm²
Transmission type

Hydraulic continuously variable transmission (HST)

Straw chopper type

Combination type (rotating knife+fixed knife)

Grain unloading method

360 degree rotation for grain unloading


Equipped with a 120 horsepower power configuration and an enhanced and accelerated walking gearbox with a large displacement HST, the power output is strong. The enhanced chassis is equipped with a mounted gear train mechanism, which has strong reliability in use. The extended and widened special high tooth walking track has good passability in rotten fields. The plug-in concave screen and conveying reversal device make cleaning simple and convenient. For fallen crops, the reel has been enhanced, the elasticity of the spring teeth has been increased, the grain storage capacity has been increased, and the fuel tank has been enlarged. The growth type threshing drum is equipped with two speed changes, resulting in higher operating efficiency.


Product Advantages:

120 horsepower National III engine, more powerful


Optimizing the structure and size of the reel for easier lodging harvesting

The header transmission adopts double V-belts, with strong transmission power


Improved sprayer for better crushing and spraying effect

Threshing drum length 2.33 meters

Pulling down screen, easy and fast cleaning and replacement

Threshing and shifting device configuration, conveying reverse mechanism


Wide teeth+outer height+inner height, dedicated track

Enhanced walking drive gearbox, increased to 56 displacement HST

Plug-in concave screen for quick cleaning and replacement


Increase the cleaning area by 1.3 square meters

Ride mounted, chassis supporting wheels

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