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Self-walking crawler-type rotary tiller


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Rotary tiller

Self-walking crawler-type rotary tiller

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Product specifications:

Model Name

1GZL-200A2(G4) self-walking track-type rotary cultivator 1GZL-240A2(G4) self-walking track-type rotary cultivator

Supporting power standardFixed power kW

89 89
Whole machine mass kg


Overall dimension (length×width×height)


Fuel consumption kg/hm2


Hour productivity hm2/h  0.4-0.5


Crawler specifications

90mmX53 section X450mm

Gauge mm


Operation width mm



Minimum ground clearance mm


Working parts drive mode

intermediate gear transmission


360-degree full-view air-conditioned cab, driving more comfortable. The Hirata device is controlled by a single-rod electromagnetic control handle, and rotary tillage and leveling are completed at one time. Strong horsepower, power output, configuration enhanced, speed walking gearbox (HST). 53 sections of lengthened and widened crawler, passing performance is stronger. The single-axis high-speed rotary blade shaft, soil crushing, straw covering, and leveling are completed at one time, and the economic benefits are better. The performance is more stable, the operation is more reliable, and the farming efficiency is higher. The rear suspension device can be configured with various agricultural implements and has a wider range of use.


Humanized design operating handle, The operation is more convenient and the driving is more comfortable

Augments chassis, TianStronger inter-passability

MiddleTransmission gear box, high strength

removable top coverRepair

CanFlip the integral cab

U Type anti-winding seal


Optional agricultural machinery


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