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Rotary tiller (side drive type)


Key words: Agricultural machinery



Rotary tiller

Rotary tiller (side drive type)

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Product specifications:

Model Name

1GK-220 rotary tiller

1GK-240 rotary tiller 1GK-280 rotary tiller

Structure type (round beam type, frame type)

Frame type
Overall dimension in working state (L×W×H)(mm) 840 × 2370 × 1000 840 × 2570 × 1000 960 × 2980 × 960
Operating speed range (m/s) 0.5-2
Working width (cm) 220 240 280
Tillage depth (cm)
≥ 8
Type of cutter shaft Uniaxial type
Knife shaft connection type spline type
Transmission type Side drive
Mode of transport Ordinary type
Design speed of knife roller (r/min) 300/450
Maximum turning radius of knife roller (mm) 195 195 180
Total number of installed knives of knife roller (handle)
112 112 72
Rotary blade model
(beating knife)
Type of depth limiting device Depth limiting plate Depth limiting plate /
Type of repression carriage
Calibration power range of supporting tractor (kW) 60-90 65-95 60-90
Supporting tractor power output shaft speed (r/min) 720/1100

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