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Full Feed Combine

4LZ-6.5C Cab

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Full Feed Combine

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Product specifications:

Model namesaid 4LZ-6.5C full feed combine 4LZ-6.5C1 Full Feed Combine
MatchingSet of engine calibration power(kW) 99.3
Overall dimension(length × width ×High) mm 5880X2500X2950
Whole machine quality(kg) 3850 (control stand) 3650 (Cab)
header width(mm) 2250
Minimum ground clearance(mm) 315
Hey!Intake(kg/s) 6.5
Operation speed(km/h) 0-7.5
Hourly productivity(hm2/h) 0.3-0.5
Track grounding pressure(kPa) 24
Dialreel diameter(mm) Φ900
track jointDistance × number of nodes × width 90mm× 56 knots ×500mm
track gauge(mm) 1250
Variable speedMechanism type MachineMechanicalGearboxHydraulic Continuously Variable Transmission (HST)
stemStalk chopper type Combined(rotary knife fixed knife)
UnloadingGrain mode mechanical automatic grain unloading


360 degrees.FullViewing angle air-conditioned cab, driving more comfortable.99.3kW power configuration, enhanced, speed-increasing walking gearbox configuration large displacement HST, strong power output. Increasestrong chassisMatchingThe ride-on wheel system is highly reliable. The long and wide special high-tooth walking track has better passability in rotten fields. Plug-in concave screen, conveyingReversing the device,QingSimple and convenient. For lodging crops, the reel is enhanced, the elastic force of the elastic teeth is increased, the volume of the granary is increased, the oil tank is increased, and the growing threshing drum is equippedSetTwo gear shift, higher operating efficiency.


99.3kW engine, more powerful

Optimizing the Reel Structureand size, lodging harvesting is easier

header driveMiningwith doubleV-belt, strong transmission force

Improved sprinkler, crushing and throwingBetter sprinkling effect

Overall dimension of main threshing cylinder φ 620 × 2307

Pull-type lower screen, simple and quick cleaning and replacement

wide toothHigh outside and high inside special track

Enhanced Walk DriveGearbox

Plug-in concave screen,Clean and replace quickly

Increase the area of cleaning, cleaningWashing area1.3 square meters

Ride-mounted chassis supportheavy wheel

threshing gear shifting device, equipped with conveying reversing mechanism

Full view drivingRoom



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